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Special Issue "E-commerce and E-supply Chain Management"
Economies is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal for the field of development economics and macroeconomics. It is also open for publications in other fields of economics that are of general interest to a broad readership. The journal invites high-level publications. It publishes regular original research papers, reviews, and short notes. Particular emphasis is placed on applied empirical and analytical work, and theoretical papers with applications. There is no restriction on the length of the papers and publication is immediate upon acceptance, following a fast and thorough review process. The journal’s aim is to encourage scientists to publish their research in as much detail as possible. The journal is open for innovative research approaches and methods. Full data and/or methodical details must be provided for research articles.
Macroeconomic economic theory and policy
o macroeconomic modelling; fiscal and other fields of economic policies; institutions and the macroeconomy; consumption; saving; investment; unemployment; national accounting; income distribution; production; business cycle fluctuations; macroeconomic forecasting.
Economic development o development policy; formal and informal economy; role of international organizations; foreign aid; industrialization; institutions and development; country studies; urban, rural, and regional studies; industrial policy; welfare; poverty; demographics.
Growth and natural resources o growth models; empirical growth studies; productivity; technological change; intellectual property rights; environment; resource policies; renewable resources; energy; primary markets; agriculture; institutions and growth; climate change.
Health economics o health care markets; health policy; regulation in health markets; health insurance; public health systems; health behaviour; pandemics; health and economic development; health and productivity; health and inequality.
Labour and education economics o labour markets; labour force; employment; human capital labour productivity; wages; retirement policies; education policies and systems; education and inequality; education and economic development; skills and return on education:
Monetary and financial economics o monetary theory and policy; monetary systems; inflation; interest rates; central banks and their policies; currencies; financial markets and their functioning; financial intermediation; payment systems; financial crises; role of finance in economic development.
International trade regional economics o trade theory and policy; regional economic integration; international factor movement; migration; exchange rate determination; exchange rate systems; International economic arrangements; urban and rural economics; regional economic activity.
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