Call for Papers
Special Session: Leading Towards a Green Society
Global Warming due to greenhouse gas emission has been dramatically impacting human society and safety, stopping the irreversible environmental tragedy from happening has become an urgent priority of human race. Featuring green economy, citizens' environmental awareness and innovation of environmental policy, Green Society will be the only path to Sustainable Development. International Conference on Social Science and Management (ICSSAM 2023), holding from December 21-23, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan, will be gathering the world's scholars, professionals and academics who are interested in following topics:
The role of leaders in driving the transition to a low-carbon society
Strategies for reducing carbon emissions in different sectors (e.g., transportation, energy, agriculture)
The impact of climate change on society and the economy
Policies and regulations that support the transition to a low-carbon society
The role of technology in reducing carbon emissions
Community engagement and public awareness on climate change
Green Trading and Investment
Green Marketing and Consumption
Green Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental Education
Environmental Policy and Law
Sustainable development and the transition to a low-carbon society
ICSSAM also welcomes paper submission of the following topics:
- Communication Management
- Journalism
- Advertising
- Radio
- Television
- Film
- Language and Communication
- Information Communication
- Communication Arts
- Education Communications and Technology
- Publishing

- Linguistics
- History and Geography
- Human Geography
- Literature and Poetry
- Philosophy
- Anthropology
- Music and Art
- Regional Studies
- Religious studies
- Museums & heritage
- The overall economy and economic growth
- Econometric models and test methods
- The formation of human resources and market mechanisms
- Economic theory and mathematical economy
- The public economy and economy of public health
- The environment, resources, and agricultural economy
- Taxation
- Economic Analysis of Family interactions
- Psychology and Counseling
- Adult and Continuing Education
- Educational Theory
- Education Policy
- Civic Education and Leadership
- Special Education
- Emerge
- Stock Market
- Stock Market
- Finance Management
- Risk Management
- Banking
- Investment
- Accounting
- Finance Engineering
- Portfolio
- Emerge
- Stock Market
- Insurance
- Finance Management
- Risk Management
- Civil Law
- Criminal Law
- Public Law
- Economic and Financial Law
- Labor and Social Law
- International Human Right Law
- Legal History
- Conflict of Laws
- Copy Right Law
- Climate Change Law
- Political Science
- Public Administration and Policy
- International Affairs and
- Strategic Studies
- Governmental Systems & Practices
- Politics and Ethics
- International Relations
- Political Economy
- Regional Studies
- Reforming and Consolidated
- History of Western Political Thought
- Western Constitutional Thought
- General Psychology
- Experimental Psychology
- Cultural Psychology
- Developmental Psychology
- Educational Psychology
- School Psychology
- Physiological Psychology
- Health Psychology
- Environmental Psychology
- Personality and Social Psychology
- Mental Diseases and Psychotherapy
- Consulting Psychology
- Social Research or Social Science
- Social Policy and Social Legislation
- Caring or Research for the Elderly
- Social Psychology
- Family Research
- Child Research
- Online Society/Online Community
- Ethic in Society/Online Society
- Globalization Impacts
- Social Works in Modern Society
- Technology/Criminology in Society
All submitted papers should conform to the required paper format.
The conference committee has the right to reject the papers that do not meet the standard.

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Extend to October 10, 2023
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December 21 - 23, 2023